Productivity Improvement Programme

The Productivity Improvement Programme (PIP) provides fast, practical improvement to help reduce pressures and release efficiencies within organisations.

About the programme

Creates headspace for organisations working their way through current and future pressures.

We work with all staff to identify and strip out wasteful activities, without personalising the process.

PIP creates more time to help your business become more productive. 

Solving real operational headaches for your business and crucially improving productivity.

The Productivity Improvement Programme (PIP) provides fast and practical improvements to help reduce pressure and release efficiencies for businesses of all sizes.

Working through 9 high impact areas and following a ‘Teach, Simulate, Do’ philosophy, your staff become empowered to make real and lasting change that truly benefit your organisation. 

 PIP has been designed by process improvement experts to specifically focus on the high impact area of any organisation that, with our support, will increase productivity, profitability and quality across your business. 

Introduction of shop floor level short interval control to ensure work is delivered on target and on budget. Concerns are identified in real time and responded to appropriately to ensure there is no impact to the customer and the concerns does not re-occur.  

Workforce planning

Introduction to Kaizen, including the key tools and techniques, preparation requirements and tools – including how to select an area for improvement, how to quantify the benefits (£’s), how to facilitate a Kaizen event and how to ensure the improvement is sustainable. 

Standardised working practices

Design and implement the key performance and people metrics to engage with your workforce and drive efficiency at all levels.   

Workplace organisation

Effective emails & meeting management

PIP Modules

Introduction of structured techniques for individuals (email management) and teams (meetings management) helps ensure time is not wasted and communication is clear.

The use of simple visual standardised work to ensure repeatability of quality finished products and supports Kaizen and problem countermeasure activities.

Problem & countermeasure

Training in a structured PDCA (Plan, Do, Check Act) meeting format with a simple data collection system, which uses a structured approach to problem solving. This helps to identify sustainable solutions for repeat concerns and issues that are negatively impacting your business.

Minimum job role

Using workplace organisation techniques such as 5S and visual factory, transforming your working areas using visual management techniques and helps easily maintain them in the optimum state of readiness for work.

Short interval control

The implementation of visual systems; working with the Operations Manager to help identify standards for each working area and sets expectations to reduce downtime and improve efficiency.  

Metrics & KPI's

The use of pragmatic planning techniques ensures the correct planning of your staff at year, month and day level intervals. Training skill mix matrix helps upskill staff, improve morale and creates flexible resource levels.  

Kaizen (Rapid Improvement Event)

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